Fading Light is a supernatural-horror story composed by author Nefretam on While it is categorized under the Total Drama fanfiction heading for its homage to the "reality game-show", it is considered an original work and therefore unrelated to the Total Drama series.
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The story is presented in third-person narrative and centers around twenty supernatural youths - ten males and ten females - as they compete for their survival in a secluded sanatorium in rural Massachusetts.

Official SynopsisEdit

The story's summary is given as: "Trinity Heights Mental Institution has been abandoned for over three decades. That is, until a select group of unique young people receive letters inviting them to the opportunity of a lifetime. What will happen as 20 supernatural creatures are admitted to the asylum after years of abandonment—in a competition for their lives?"


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The story begins with werewolf Caleb Ghatz watching a documentary on a flight en route to Massachusetts where, in accordance with a letter he's received, he and nineteen others will be spending a week at Trinity Heights Suites - a newly-opened resort - as a reward for academic excellence. The documentary states that Trinity Heights was originally a distinguished mental institution before its closure.

Chapter 1: Graham Building

The second chapter of the story mainly concerns itself with introductions. Caleb arrives alongside a flirtatious girl named Elle, as well as a young man who's dubbed himself "Chance". Two other young men, Lenten and Hinoki, arrive shortly afterwards. Some time later, the next group arrives; two females, Ivy Moreau and Rosalind Beauchamp; and two males; Casimir van der Fjord and Theo Letum. This is repeated in Graham Building: Part IV with the introduction of Brennan Reynard, Dana Adams, Calida Wiloka, and Elijah Killian. Upon arrival, many of the guests are taken by the refurbishing of the foyer, though also off-put by the mournful air that hangs around the grounds.


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